Twice Like Ooh Ahh Bus

Like Ooh Ahh promotion bus, in collaboration with Korean music app genie.

Twice Like Ooh Ahh promotion bus
Twice Like Ooh Ahh promotion bus

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Nayeon singing @ JYP Audition 2010

Nayeon singing If (original by Taeyeon of Girls’ Generation) at JYP’s 7th audition in 2010. She made it into the final rounds and eventually became a trainee with the company.

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Twice Like Ooh-Ahh teaser videos

Teaser videos for TWICE’s debut song, OOH-AHH하게 (Like Ooh-Ahh), including solo clips with ghostly/zombie-ish themes and a couple of group teasers.

#1 Nayeon

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Sixteen Forever! Thank you! Interview

Special interview with the contestants of survival-reality show Sixteen who didn’t make the cut in the end. A couple of them have since left JYP Entertainment to pursue their dreams, perhaps with other agencies… best wishes.

2-3 of them are young enough to have another chance for the next JYPE group, another one or two may also have to continue their journey elsewhere.

Introduction to Twice

Twice (트와이스, stylized as TWICE) is a nine-member K-pop girl group formed by JYP Entertainment through reality TV show Sixteen, aired on Mnet from May to July 2015.

Selected from a pool of 16 JYP trainees, the group includes five Koreans (Nayeon, Jungyeon, Jihyo, Dahyun, Chaeyoung), three Japanese (Momo, Sana, Mina) and one Taiwanese (Tzuyu). Check the profile page for more info about each member.

The name TWICE was picked because the girls will be “wowing their fans once through their ears and twice through their eyes.”

The group would make their official debut on October 20, 2015, with Like OOH-AHH.

Official Twitter @jypetwice – Instagram @twicetagram – Facebook @jypetwice

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